How to login Casinochan in Australia

CasinoChan is a great place to play casino games online. There are plenty of games available at the site including live dealers, slot machines and live poker tables. Click here to see how you can play all these games from one account.

💼 How to register at CasinoChan

The registration process is quick and easy, allowing players from all over the world to join in the fun! 

You will need a username and password when signing up. Keep this information somewhere safe in case you ever forget or have trouble logging back in again at a later date! Make sure that your username and password are both secure. 

A good way to strengthen up your login credentials is by adding numbers or symbols where possible, however, remember not to use the same number or letter twice as this can be easily guessed by a hacker. After that: 

  1. Visit the CasinoChan website and click on “Register” – it is located near the bottom right-hand side of your screen and should be one of the first options that appear after opening up their site 
  2. Enter your username and password for an easier sign-in process later on 
  3. Choose a display name that will appear alongside your username 
  4. Read over all rules and regulations before checking off any agreement boxes (also remember to tick any questions you may have if you do not understand them) 
  5. Enter the code shown above into where it says “Are you a real person?” 
  6. Enter your first and last name, as well as the address you would like to be associated with this account. Remember that these details must all be accurate for verification purposes! 
  7. Now scroll down and enter your email address so that CasinoChan can send you important information about the site or any other promotions they may have running at the time (make sure this is an active email address) 
  8. Lastly, do not forget to input your birth date either manually or by selecting it from the drop-down menu – this will ensure all games available are legal for you to play under gambling laws set out by their country of origin 
  9. Press “Submit”
casinochan login

✈ How to login to CasinoChan in Australia

You will need to have a username and password before you can login at CasinoChan.

  • Click on “Login CasinoChan” at the top right of the screen 
  • Enter in your user name and press “Enter” 
  • After this, enter in your password and press “Enter” again for success!

🤖 The Functionality of the User Profile

After CasinoChan login, you can click on your username and press “Profile” to edit any of the information you provided during sign up if necessary.

  • If you wish to change your password, simply enter in a new one and retype it for verification 
  • It is also possible to switch between different languages here (although this option is only available for certain parts of the website) 
  • To deactivate or reactivate your account, select either “Active” or “Inactive” from the drop-down menu next to “Status” 
  • You may need to send CasinoChan an email with proof that you are requesting this action – otherwise, they will not be able to verify you (and hence deactivate your account!) 

🔓 How to login CasinoChan in Australia if you have forgotten your password 

If you have not changed your password during the registration process, this can be found on the blank space underneath where you enter it – do not lose this password! It is good practice to write down every single login credential used across all of your different accounts.

If you are still having trouble logging in due to forgetting or losing your password, click on “Forgot Password?” located at the top right corner of the screen when logging into CasinoChan. From here you will be prompted to enter your email address (which CasinoChan can also use to contact you) and you will then receive a password reset link to the same email. 

Enter this into the required box and click “Submit” – you should then receive an email from CasinoChan with your new login credentials, which you can now use to resume playing!


If you have lost your password and cannot login to CasinoChan, you can click on “Forgot Password?” which is located in the upper right-hand corner of the website. After entering in your email address (which must be an active one), CasinoChan will send a link with a new password to you through email! This will reset your account and let you resume playing.

First off, make sure that you are inputting the correct information by checking for any misspellings or formatting errors. If still no luck, try searching for your name on Facebook - if this doesn't work either then please get in touch with their support team so that they can help you out.

If you no longer wish to use your account but want it to remain available for future reference or activity, consider deactivating it instead of deleting it altogether. To do so, simply click on the option “Active” next to Status and select “Deactivate”.

You can also follow the same process if you would like to reactivate your account in the future by selecting "Active" again - this will then resolve any issues that arise due to their system thinking you are an active user!

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